Rome in a Day


We left Agropoli Tuesday morning and drove to Rome. On the way, we stopped at the best rest stop ever. Very modern and a big cafeteria style array of all kinds of food beautifully displayed food. We chose the cooked greens… was the first time we found cooked vegetables the whole time. Italians live on pasta and protein. It was delicious.

This is Romeo on the left. We stayed at the B&B run by he and his wife, Bibi.

BiBi & Romeos

It was located in the building above. Great location about a 10 minute walk from the Vatican….make that 15. Romeo converted his apartment in this building into a 4 room bed and breakfast. He was the greatest. And his wife BiBi makes these delicious cakes each morning for the guests. Italians like cakes for breakfast – fancy pastries. It’s a cozy place with a small communal kitchen shared by the guests and four nice bedrooms each with a private bath. There’s a cool elevator…..old style with the door that you close manually.


After we had some fun riding the elevator for a while Romeo gave us a 30 minute orientation to Rome on a great map showing us how we could see Rome in a day.  First stop…..a nap. Then we headed out to Travestere for an evening walk and dinner.

Tiber at night

Above or maybe to the left or right (it’s hard to control photo placement in this blog) is the Tiber river at night. Travestere is just on the other side of the river and a 10 minute bus ride from where we were staying. It’s full of street cafes and has a Bohemian feel to it.

Travestere cafe

We ate at this one… of the more affordable places we found and the food was good. Restaurants are pretty expensive in Italy. Everyone asks us about the food. To be honest, we weren’t wowed by it. It was fine but we got starched out and missed our Asian food and cooked vegetables. We saw one Chinese restaurant in Rome and never saw anything but Italian restaurants in smaller towns.

Beth posing

It was a little cloudy and rainy as we started our tour of Rome on Wednesday morning. Here you see Beth posing smartly in front of the monument to the nation (I think that’s the name). It’s this huge structure built a couple hundred years ago that Italians aren’t fond of apparently. It’s pretty gaudy.  But I think Beth looks pretty good in front of it. Italians are really good at posing for pictures, they look like models when they get their photo taken. Beth started to get the hang of it…I was a little slow.

From here it was time to walk to the Colisseum!

Wow, what can you say. I’m sorry but no matter what the tour guides say, there’s no way that was made with Play-doh.

In truth, it is made of stone and it’s impressive.  

Wow…I got a photo to go to the right

Still trying to figure this blog stuff out

Ruins somewhere

The thing about Rome is that you get lulled by the volume of ruins and history. “Oh look, there’s some more…” After a while you just can’t take it all in, they are literally everywhere. Everywhere they dig, they find ruins and so the whole city becomes a museum with thousands of scooters and little cars buzzing around in the midst of it.

Forum area

The Forum extends over a large area, we know because we walked around it. I admit, I got grumpy…..I can only do so many ruins and city things before I want to go back to the beach and relax and swim. Beth is much  more of a city person and she really loved the whole energy and vibrancy of Rome. I guess she should really be writing this part. Oh well….here are some more ruins pictures

It was time to go to St. Peter’s Basillica. As you may know, St. Peter’s is the largest church in the universe and it is really something to see.

The dome is huge and so ornate and beautifully crafted it blows your mind to think of how they did it.

Beautiful floors and tile work

Pretty nice marble too

and then there’s time for…

Confession!  This could take a while. “Bless me father it has been 35? 40? years since my last confession….”

Have to be Catholic to appreciate that one.

Yes this is actually Pope John the 23rd! I didn’t know they did this kind of thing. There a few popes in caskets like this in the Basillica, preserved somehow and on display. Kind of creepy.

Beth applied for a job while she was there and was shown the door by these goofy looking characters. I have no idea how they got jobs.

On another note…..I forgot to mention that early that morning we went to the Food Market that was right across the street from our B&B. Romeo gave us the tour and showed us where to get the best stuff.


It’s this big, indoor market with tons of stalls with bread, cheese, meat, fruit and veggies, wine, and so on.

Wine vendor

Check this out….kegs of wine of all types. People just bring their litre plastic bottles in and get them filled up. It’s really cheap too.

What’s that Romeo is holding in his hand? What else…..a Wine Punch Card!! That’s right, the 12th liter is free. Priorities are clear in Italy.

We got some good tastes and then emptied a water bottle and filled it up for lunch. We also got some great cheese and bread and Arugula (Rocket greens the Brits call it) and went back to the B&B and made some great sandwiches.

There we are with Romeo and some other guests of the B&B. These kind of encounters with local folks were the highlights of the trip.


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