Paestum – ancient Greek and Roman ruins

Paestum is an ancient city, first built by the Greeks around 500BC, later taken over by the Romans and other conquerors. Paestum is the largest Greek ruin site in Italy. It’s amazing and it was only 2o minutes from where we were staying.

There are 3 large temple remains on the site and the remains of lots of other structures and roads and so forth. It’s incredible that these structures are about 2500 years old and they’re still standing. Part of the reason is that the area became infested with mosquitoes carrying malaria and it was abandoned for something like a 1000 years. If not for the mosquitoes, the later and less civilized invaders of the area might have trashed it.

They were having a regional festival on the weekend that we visited….the Buffalo Mozarella festival, with all the buffalo mozeralla you could eat, and then some. I didn’t even know buffalo existed outside of the states. But I did after this festival because we ate way too much of that cheese and I could feel those buffalo roaming in my stomach for quite a while afterwards.


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